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CalMyotis Table Corner Protector

CalMyotis Table Corner Protector

There are a lot of changes made by parents in the house on welcoming a baby to protect the baby. Babies are reckless, and they injure themselves quite easily. Parents should keep away harmful and dangerous objects that can hurt their baby, but some household objects are inevitable like rectangle tables with sharp edges. CalMyotis Table Corner Protector is a transparent PVC round edge shaped protector used on sharp table edges protecting us from hurting legs, head, or any part of the body on the table edges. This protector is commonly used in a household with a baby, since babies aren't improved to bypass sharp objects. The outstanding and most important feature CalMyotis Table Corner Protector has is the strong adhesive power which sticks the protector in place and preventing it from being torn off by a baby. It can be used to protect the edge of any table, whether a coffee table, dining table, or another sharp corner in the house.
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